The new session has begun and so has the heat wave in the city but in the true Montessori-an spirit we had some priceless moments at Jaypee Public School of fun and frolic to beat the heat and added lots of fun time.

Outdoor play is a very essential part of Jaypee Public School curriculum. It enhances and develops the gross motor skills and large muscle movements of children. Swimming is great because of the cardiovascular benefits that promote heart and lung health — and it’s an activity that can be done solo or on a team, any time of year! It synchronises the arms and legs movement and regulate breathing. It’s a wonderful breathing exercise also.

One of the most beneficial part of swimming is that it teaches your little “goldfish” how to stay safe in and around water. Swimming is a great way to teach our kids motivation and how to strive for more when they learn these because they’ll see how much stronger they’re getting, as they can swim farther across the pool and do more fun stuff with friends in tow.