We believe............

Jaypee Public School seeks to cultivate responsible individuals who bring an International perspective towards learning. At Jaypee we believe, all of us have a responsibility to :

  • Be thoughtful and ambitious in setting and working to achieve academic and personal goals.

  • Think and act critically,creatively and independently and to be able to use these skills to solve complex problems.

  • Understand that learning takes place in many contexts, each of which adds to personal and professional development.

  • Demonstrate ethical attitude towards work and social relationships.

  • Demonstrate personal values and respect for others.

  • Be aware of human achievement and demonstrate sensitivity to the history and culture of people all over the world.

  • Participate to serve the community.



Humility Enhances Excellence



To enable the children to discover themselves through the use of a meaningful curriculum, activities and routine. Children attending Jaypee Public Schools will become physically and mentally strong, and shall evolve into articulate, well groomed individuals through their all-rounded development. Our education system endeavours to enable them to aspire for and achieve higher goals in life.



To prepare committed, empowered and enlightened citizens, who shall contribute meaningfully to the growth of our nation



  • Promotion of Indian ethos and values

  • Academic excellence

  • Respect for all stakeholders

  • Team Work

  • Empowered faculty

  • Mentoring programmes

  • Promotion of all-round development

  • Student at the centre of our universe