The integrated academic curriculum focuses on an innovative learner-centered approach and experiential learning strategies to develop divergent thinking skills. Exciting activities and enriching experiences such as role-play, field-trips, project-work, group activities etc. are entwined throughout the curriculum to make the concepts interesting, intriguing and invigorating so that these remain etched in the minds of the learners forever.



The highly trained faculty at Jaypee focuses on leveraging the potential of the learners. Creative tasks and assignments focusing upon capacity building and skill- development are conducted to maximize the learning outcomes. Stress is also laid upon individual attention. Effective feed-back mechanism plays an important role in enhancing and improving individual academic performance.



Pre – Primary is totally based on play – way / learning by doing method. Initially when a child arrives he/she is made comfortable through various play-way techniques by teacher by which she tries to create a bond and happy environment in the class. This process takes a week’s time or more, depends on child to child. Same process goes with NURSERY & KINDERGARTEN (K.G.) children. Through creative play, well thought out games, and developmentally appropriate activities, children can be equipped to enhance their working memory, focus their attention and acquire self-control. The present curriculum aims to integrate the various domains of development with set objective & the expected learning outcomes in ways that are compatible with the natural learning behavior of young children in this age group. The syllabus have been planned yearly – month wise which have also shared with parents and also been prepared in daily schedule by teachers for themselves in the form of Daily planner.

Objectives of Pre - primary Education is to enhance the all round development of a children‘s personality and inclusion of healthy attitudes, life skills and good values. To lay the foundation for a healthy, productive, and satisfying life in the future by enabling the children to develop her/his maximum potential through, Physical well-being, health, and motor development.

  • Children maintain good health and wellbeing.

  • Children become effective communicators.

  • Personal, social and emotional development.

  • Children are involved learners and connect with their immediate environment.

  • Creative and aesthetic development Language, communication and literacy development.

  • Cognitive development -environmental awareness, development of scientific.

  • Developing mathematical/Numerical, thinking and reasoning to prepare child for smooth transitions from home to schools and from preschool to primary school.

Early Learning Outcomes (ELO): Our Early Learning Outcomes are the expectations for the learning and development of young children. We try to define what children should know and be able to do at the end of a year. Our teachers align instructions and opportunities for play, exploration, discovery, and problem-solving in order to achieve the learning outcomes.



The school at the primary level focuses on basic skill development through hands-on interdisciplinary activities and real life experiences. The teachers work towards strengthening communication skills and igniting students' curiosity to learn. The curriculum is designed as per the guidelines provided by the National Curriculum Framework. The academic disciplines taught in Classes I-V are English, Hindi, Mathematics, General Science/ Environmental Science and Social Science. The co-scholastic domain includes Computer Science, General Knowledge, Value Education, Physical Education, Music and Dance.



The Middle School curriculum is holistic as it fosters a culturally sensitive and socially responsible student. Socio-emotional skills are very important for the student's academic growth. The Middle School curriculum offers students the opportunity to develop their creative, physical, and technical skills to ensure the all-round development of an individual.



At Secondary level Jaypee Public School helps student to prepare for important upcoming exams. This is achieved through a three-tier method of knowledge - acquisition, retention and application. Students acquire knowledge through vibrant multimedia explanations. They are being taught a variety of techniques to suit the way their mind works to retain knowledge.



The school aims at imparting a wider knowledge to the students beyond the text. Bloom's and Solo taxonomy used by the school accelerates their understanding of the concept. Mentors prepare them for their successful entry into the world of higher education by giving them wings to reach the zenith of their career.



Remedial Classes are given regularly to the low scorers